Weather presenter dares to appear on TV while pregnant. Receives vicious hate mail.

This is Kristi Gordon. She is a Canadian meteorologist who works for Global News.

She also happens to be pregnant with her second child. And that has made some viewers very, very angry.

Meteorologist Kristi Gordon has received hate mail…for being pregnant.

Because a pregnant woman appearing on TV?! How very dare she!

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While Gordon has received many vicious letters criticising her body, maternity wardrobe and general appearance, there’s one in particular that has made headlines:

Nowhere on North America TV have we seen a weather reader, which is an interesting way of calling me, so gross as you. Your front end looks like a Hindenberg, and your rear end looks like a brick…I can’t say the next work…house. We now turn off Globel [sic]. Cover up or take time off.

The coward sent this anonymously.

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Gordon recently read out the hate mail on-air in a show of defiance.

Luckily, Gordon has a sense of humour.

Her colleagues and the network have also rallied around her, as have the majority of viewers – some have even started the  hashtag and have photographed themselves with fake “baby bumps” in solidarity.

Image via Twitter.

While Gordon claims to be a “pretty confident person” and has been able to laugh the letters off, she shouldn’t have to.

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Because anonymously attacking anyone over their appearance doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you a coward.

And if you don’t like seeing pregnant women on TV? Change the channel.

Here is Kristi responding to her haters like a boss:

Have you ever been discriminated against for being pregnant?