Just 5 rather intriguing reasons to try a metal sex toy.

Stainless sex toys are a lot of fun, but they can be a bit intimidating to some and, I get it. They’re firm, heavy and cold (at least initially) and due to this, they’re often outshined by their soft silicone counterparts.

But it’s actually those exact attributes that make metal sex toys so popular with those in the know. 

That firmness makes them perfect for direct internal massage of the body, they can be warmed up or cooled down to explore different temperatures, and that heaviness adds extra pressure to your nerve endings making you feel even more pleasurable sensations. 

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As well as that, they’re body-safe, able to be sterilised between uses and they can be used with any lubricant type. 

What’s not to love? Well, if you're still unsure, here are five reasons to give a stainless-steel sex toy a whirl. 

#1. Temperature play

Temperature play refers to using heat and cold during sexual play for a different sensation. Steel sex toys (and glass ones) are the perfect tools for exploring this as they retain both hot and cold temperatures.

You can cool it down in the fridge for an hour before you want to play, or warm it up in a bowl of hot water. You can use the toy on the outside of the body or insert it vaginally or anally for a totally unique sensation. But, make sure you test the temp on the inside of your wrist before you insert it. We don’t want a smoking hot sex toy being inserted anywhere inside your body! 

If you heat a metal sex toy and use it vaginally, you get the added benefits of helping to relieve menstrual cramps, relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and increasing blood flow, which can help you to feel more aroused. Yay!

#2. Vaginal stimulation

People with a vagina have a nerve dense patch of tissue called the g-spot. It’s located about two inches inside the vagina on the front wall behind the pelvic bone. When you’re aroused, this patch will feel rough, a little like the roof of your mouth. 

You can stimulate it with your fingers by inserting them into the vagina and curving them up toward the front of the body in a “come hither” motion. Stimulation of this area can feel amazing for some people - remembering that everyone has different pleasure spots. 


Applying firm, consistent pressure to the area is usually a quick-fire method to get yourself feeling good and even get you to reach orgasm, or even squirting! Because of the location of the g-spot, it can be difficult to maintain the right pressure with your fingers and that’s where a stainless-steel dildo comes in! 

They’re designed to stimulate the area with little effort from you. Many steel dildos will be curved or have a bulbous tip to massage the area directly. 

You’ve likely heard of the g-spot, but have you heard of the a-spot? It’s another pleasure zone inside the vagina that loves pressure. 

If you go a little further back inside the vaginal canal, you will find it. This deeper spot has a lot of pleasure potential too, and some swear that stimulating this area can produce out-of-this-world orgasms

Some steel toys will have bulbs along the shaft too. These feel incredible when they’re moved in and out of the body. So, if the g-spot or a-spot isn’t the right spot for you, these toys can still work pleasurable wonders. 

#3. Anal stimulation

Depending on the shape of your toy, many stainless steel sex toys can be used anally too. Just make sure you look out for a flared base on a butt plug or a toy with a major curve that will anchor it outside the body. The Le Wand Hoop is a perfect example of a metal dildo that can be used anally. 

The wall between the anus and the vagina is thin, and many people can experience g-spot or a-spot orgasms through anal penetration. So, if you can’t find the right spot via the vagina, why not give it a go with the booty?

Plus, the opening of the butthole is jam-packed with nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated. 

And for those with a p-spot, a steel dildo or anal plug can give you all the amazing pressure that this area responds so well to. The p-spot is an analogous structure to the g-spot which is located two to three inches inside the anus towards the penis. Direct pressure in this area feels amazing and can result in full-body orgasms for some. 

#4. Try a new way to play

Stainless steel sex toys can be a little difficult to figure out. Unlike vibrators which can stimulate deep inside your body beyond the area that comes into direct contact with the toy, a steel toy requires you to manoeuvre the toy inside your body to hit the right spot. It will take some practice and patience, but exploring our bodies and stimulating them in new ways is good for us. 

When we masturbate or experience pleasure in the same way for a long time, our bodies can become accustomed to this. So, if you always use a vibrator to reach orgasm or rely solely on clitoral stimulation, your body can become dependent on this kind of stimulation. 


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A routine is a routine after all, so doing something different might not offer the same result - at least not right away. So, be patient and don’t give up if it doesn’t get you there right away. Keep practising and allow your body to become accustomed to this new kind of stimulation. Or use it alongside a vibrator for stimulation of other parts of your body.  

#5. Steel toys are low maintenance, body-safe and environmentally friendly

There’s no fuss when you use a stainless-steel sex toy. These toys can be used with any lubricant type so it’s up to you whether you want to use a water-based, silicone, oil or hybrid lubricant. 

Metal is a non-porous material, meaning it has no tiny pores or nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide in, which makes cleaning and sanitizing them super easy. You can use some mild soap or sex toy cleaner and rinse it under warm water to clean it, or even boil it in water for one minute after you play. 

And, since they’re made from steel, these babies can last you a lifetime and you won’t need to replace them. Mother nature will thank you for it. 

Emma Hewitt is a sex educator and sex toy expert with Adulttoymegastore. Her podcast Electro Rodeo celebrates sexuality, sex toys and healthy sex lives. For more tips on how to use metal toys, check out my YouTube video:

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