Now we know what the real 'dress code' for the Met Gala was.

Birds. Birds and birds.

Let me precede this by stating plainly: I know nothing about fashion.

The Met Gala has just happened in New York. It’s the event where the celebrities dress-up in the most over-the-top ‘fashion’ possible. The dresses are the art, basically. And this year, the art was birds.

I could have seen it that way because of my non-existent fashion sense, or due to the bird-watching project I took way too seriously in the fourth grade:

Apparently the theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. I saw the theme to be “Birds: Bird Birdy Birding Bird.”

Take Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s one of those celebrities that is so into high fashion, I usually think she looks high.

Or like a rooster.

Sarah Rooster Parker

Lady Gaga never fails to experiment. With turkeys.

Lady Turkey

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen always have such surprised looks on their faces, it’s like they just woke up from comas and aren’t quite sure how they got here, or where John Stamos is.

Mary-Owl and Owlshley

Kim looks like Kanye plucked all the fun out of her. And he didn’t even enjoy it.

Kim Birdashian

I’d like to point out that I think they all look beautiful.

But then, I buy my feathers at op-shops, so I’m probably not the best person to ask…

So many celebs. So much birdlife.

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