You can now have sex during your period without getting, ummm, messy.

It’s one of life’s many cruelties that periods also come with heightened sex drive. If you’re not inclined to throw in the towel for a week, you can always throw one down, or even slide into the shower. But that does tend to dampen the mood somewhat. Thankfully, there’s now another option.

A Californian start-up has created Flex, a disposable disc-shaped device that allows for mess-free period sex. Inserted just in front of the cervix, it serves as a silicone barrier that temporarily halts your flow.

via The Flex Company

One of the founders of The Flex Company, Erika Jensen, told The Huffington Post that she hopes the product will help couples be more open about menstruation.

“And for those of us who were already comfortable having period sex (including [co-founder] Lauren and me)," she said. "Flex saves our white sheets and allows us to enjoy the moment more.”

via Facebook/FELXFITS

The company claims that it can be worn for up to 12 hours (is that a thing?!) and is soft enough that your partner won't even feel it. It's also apparently latex-free, BPA-free and hypo-allergenic, but hang on to your contraceptive of choice because Flex isn't a barrier against sperm or STIs.

Of course, if you're not getting down and dirty, you can always just use it a less-obstructive tampon. But we seem to recall something about how sex sells.

Do you use a euphemism for your period?

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