EXCLUSIVE: Meshel Laurie pens an apology to The Veronicas' Jess for being "rude and cynical".

I had to have a very awkward conversation with The Veronicas today, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d utter. You see, I was a compete boofhead yesterday. A rude, cynical A-hole actually, and I said something rotten for which I had to apologise for.

You may or may not be aware that Jess from The Veronicas has confirmed that she and Ruby Rose are a couple. In fact, they’re madly in love. Weirdly, I have some history with both of them. Very positive history with one of them and some not so positive with the other.

Anyway, long story short, as I read Jess’ declaration of love on my radio show on Tuesday morning, I suggested it might be a publicity stunt. I used terms like “celesbian” and “Daily Mail Lesbians”, and I did it to be a bitch.


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When I came off air, I was reminded that The Veronicas were scheduled to appear on our show 24 hours later. That’s when the rubber hit the road.

I want to make it clear that I’m not apologising for making fun of celebrities. That’s my job and whatever you think of it, it’s a corner of pop culture that many people enjoy which is why it’s a staple of TV and radio. To be honest, I take some amount of pride in calling out celebrity bullshit, but I should’ve put a bit more thought into this one because I know Jess and she’s not your average attention-seeking starlet.


Here’s what I’m apologising for: I let my negative feelings about Ruby lead me to accuse Jess of being a liar of the lowest kind. In reality, I know that she’s a beautiful, generous person, with integrity and honesty to burn.

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Further, I should have read about their relationship and realised that I must be wrong about Ruby, because Jess loves her, as does her sister Lisa for that matter. Jess and Lisa are both people I trust and agree with on many important issues. I don’t even remember why there’s bad blood between Ruby and I. I doubt she’s holding onto it, given that she’s now a superstar actress.

Would I have apologised if the girls weren’t right in front of me? No. Honestly I would never have thought about it ever again. But sometimes, life drops a hideously awkward learning experience in your lap, whether you asked for it or not.

Here is a video of the chat so you can see for yourself what beautiful, gracious, generous women The Veronicas are, and incidentally, a story from them about what a great friend Ruby Rose can be.

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