Meshel Laurie's message for Schapelle Corby: "Do you think you’re Taylor Swift or something?"

Comedian, author and radio host Meshel Laurie has today shared her unreserved opinion on convicted drug-smuggler-turned-apparent-Instagram-celebrity Schapelle Corby.

Speaking to her co-host Matt Tilley on her KIIS Matt & Meshel program this morning, Laurie expressed a similar sentiment to that shared by Today’s Karl Stefanovic: who cares?

“This country, I can’t even. If we’re going to make such a big deal out Schapelle – who smuggled drugs into Bali and went to jail and now she’s home. Who cares?” she said.

In particular, Laurie took issue with an Instagram post shared by Corby on Monday night, which showed the 39-year-old ‘mocking’ the media’s attempt to locate her.

“The video of her and Mercedes was so up herself,” she said. “Like, ‘we’re all watching the video on TV and everyone thinks we’re in those cars but really we’re here’.”


“I mean, who do you think you are? You think you’re Taylor Swift or something, balling in your hotel room? You’re a convicted drug trafficker who got out of jail.”

The radio presenter added, “Ivan Milat’s sitting somewhere thinking, ‘Christ, where’s my bloody Women’s Weekly exclusive?'”

“It’s just – come on Australia, grow up. Calm your tits. Are we really that sad that we’re now going to make Schapelle Corby a celebrity? Have you run out of molls from The Bachelor? Can’t we get proper celebrities again, people who are actually good at stuff?”

Listen: Is Cassie Sainsbury the new Schapelle Corby? Post continues after audio.

Interestingly, Laurie’s sentiment appeared much more directly leveled at Corby than other public commentators over the last few days. Karl Stefanovic focused more heavily on the media looking “like idiots” upon her return home, arguing, “She’s done her time and has the right to live her life in relative peace — if that’s what she wants. Maybe she wants mayhem. Whatever. I don’t care.”

Indeed, on the 39-year-old’s Instagram account, hundreds of comments have criticised the media’s obsession with her story.

But Laurie was adamant that Corby’s behaviour is part of the problem.

It’s a debate that’s unlikely to die down any time soon.