Meshel Laurie has reunited with her husband. But they have no plans to live together.

Meshel Laurie has opened up about the unconventional circumstances of her marriage to Adrian Lewinski, with whom she has reunited after their separation a few years ago.

Filling in for Kate Langbroek on KIIS FM’s Hughsey and Kate, Laurie told co-host Dave Hughes that she and her husband have reconciled but have no plans to live together again.

“We broke up, and then we kind of went ‘Aww, you’re alright for a human’,” Laurie, 46, recalled on Friday afternoon.

The couple split after first getting together more than 20 years ago and having two children, twins Louis and Dali now aged nine. Despite parting ways, they never filed for divorce, as Laurie says they are “very bad at admin” and just “never got around to it”.


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“We sort of started seeing each other again, and then there was this moment where I was thinking, ‘Oh but I don’t want you to move in’… I just like not living with him, I really liked my house.”

The comedian continued: “There’s nothing wrong with him, but if you could see our houses now you would see the difference. Like my house — because I’m from Queensland, originally — my house is like really bright, white walls, the windows, the curtains open, lots of sunlight.


“His house is like dark, he’s got dark colours on the walls, often times has the curtains a bit drawn. We’re just different people, we like things different.”

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Laurie added the new arrangement has improved their intimacy, sharing: “We have a set appointment time where the children think I’m working and they think he’s at a friend’s house and we have a set appointment time every week.”

“We definitely get more action now we live apart than the last couple of years we lived together, definitely.”

Meshel Laurie published Buddhism for Break-Ups last year, a self-help book about how to embrace Buddhism after parting ways with a loved one.

She spoke extensively about her personal experience of going through her marriage breakdown from Adrian, admitting: “In the end, I was the one who initiated our divorce.

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“Thanks to his fear of change, I’m sure Adrian would have stayed married to me. We could all have gone on pretending there was nothing unusual about the fact he lived in a granny flat out the back and didn’t come anywhere near me when the kids weren’t around.

“But there’s no loneliness in the world like the loneliness of a loveless relationship… No word encapsulates the rejection, disappointment and loneliness I felt, lying in bed alone, night after night, for years.”

She continued: “Separating from Adrian is the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my life so far, and the only thing I’m truly confident about is that focusing on Buddha’s teachings, will leave me in a better place than the one in which it found me.”

You can read an excerpt from Buddhism for Break-Ups by Meshel Laurie here