#Mermaidthighs: the body positive antidote to the 'thigh gap' obsession.

Remember the thigh gap ‘movement’? For those of you who have (quite rightly) scrubbed it from your memories, it was a hashtag-driven body trend encouraging women around the world to proudly proclaim that their thighs didn’t touch.

Normal for some women, sure — but unrealistic for many.

Now, women confounded by and excluded from the whole bizarre craze finally have their own less-limiting hashtag: it’s called mermaid thighs, and it’s magical.

The body-positive movement encourages women to embrace their well-acquainted legs because it makes them look like they belong, well, under da sea.

Women have shared pictures of their #mermaidthighs on Instagram and Twitter, many expressing their delight that there's finally a viral social media body standard they can live up to.

"If your thighs touch, you're one step closer to being a mermaid," wrote one Instagram user.

"I finally have 'a thing'," wrote another.

Some women are embracing the trend so much it's infiltrated their wardrobe.

And even their skin....

We love this whole thing. Not because there's anything wrong with having daylight between your legs — nothing at all, in fact, if that's your body type. I mean, the lack of chafing must be fabulous in summer.

No, we love it because it means there's not a single, arbitrary criteria by which women are judging the attractiveness of their bodies. Because it's an alternative that allows room for legs that are fit, strong, flabby, fat or skinny.

And, let's be honest, also because mermaids.


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Featured image: Universal Pictures.