There is a school where you can learn to become a mermaid.


A mermaid school has been found in Australia.

Merquatics Mermaid Academy has three locations around Australia and are doing their part in making our mermaid dreams become a reality.

Thank you, Merquatics. Thank you.

Mamamia previously reported:

Because regular swimming classes are for chumps.

Are you looking to become a mermaid?

I know I know, who isn’t, right?

Well FINALLY, there is a course just for you and your mermaid-loving buddies.

The company, called Aquamermaid, run lessons where kids and adults don a mermaid tail and presumably swim in a pool.

It’s $75 Canadian a month to be a mermaid.

Sure, you’d have to travel to Canada in order to do the lessons. Sure, you may risk knee or hip injuries from the awkward and unnatural movement you’d have to do. SURE, you may just find the whole class pointless and unnecessary.

But you’d also be a mother-flipping mermaid.

The school was launched by someone named Marielle Chartier Hénault, and she has a very helpful a video on the merits of mermaid life.

Video via Aquasirene

Other mermaid companies have also sprung up in L.A and the Philippines, Australia’s mermaid industry is sadly lacking.

So it’s at this point that we would like to encourage a mermaid-loving entrepreneur out there to literally and figuratively take the plunge and start up a mermaid school in Aus.

Do it, and you would’ve mer-made many dreams come true.