Mercury Retrograde hasn’t even started yet but it's 100% already ruining your life.

From fake blood stains (a dry-cleaning nightmare) to aggressive trick-or-treaters, Halloween can be a truly terrifying time. But this year, October 31 is going to be so much worse.

Joining forces with the spookiest day of the year is a fun little astrological event called Mercury Retrograde, and this month it’s in the house of Scorpio, AKA the Zodiac’s most… passionate intense of signs.

Needless to say, it’s going to be wild.

An almost scientific examination of what each star sign is like at work. Post continues below.

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From October 31 to November 21, the powers of Mercury Retrograde will be felt in full force.

In astrology, Mercury represents communication and expression, and when the planet is in retrograde (AKA moving backwards), this cosmic action wreaks havoc by misconstruing messages, causing confusion, and creating general misinterpretation. It’s also a time when problems you thought you had dealt with, rear their ugly heads again.

Some astrologers, like Astrology Zone’s Susan Miller, tend to advise people to avoid signing contracts or investing in big technological purchases during this time.

Now put this frenetic energy into the house of Scorpio and feral energies are afoot. Our Scorpio pals, while unwavering in their loyalty and passion, are also stubborn, secretive, and suspicious to a fault, and their signature pizzazz will be sprinkled into the next 22 days. Fun.

According to Pandora Astrology, romantic relationships will especially be put to the test.

“Emotional intimacy can be deepened by truth-telling and even more so by truth-hearing but beware of possibly treacherous waters ahead—if you ask for the truth from your partner, you’d better be ready for whatever they have to say. This transit can reveal fatal flaws in a relationship,” they warn.

“Accusations and blame will only intensify the problem.”



Intense doom and gloom aside, optimists claim Mercury Retrograde is a great time for reflection, advising you to take stock of your current hurdles, and set goals for the future.

In that sense, you can take this period to pull up your psychological bootstraps and channel that overthinking and determined Scorpio energy into bulldozing any emotional roadblocks you might have.

Previously speaking to Mamamia, astrology expert and energy intuitive Lynette Arkadie of My Energy Mentor gave us these handy tips on how to make it through Mercury Retrograde in one piece.

Choose the persona of a wise Buddhist monk as your personality of choice for the next few weeks. Choose to ride the wave and feel the power.

Back up all electronic devices and secure electronics.

Double check plans – packing, dates, travel plans as well as meeting times and plans.

Organise insurance and plan for natural earth shifts (such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic changes).

Fix outstanding things like that flat tyre or wobbly screw ASAP.

Ensure all language and communication is clear in emails, texts, invitations etc. It can be easy for something to be received the wrong way or go awry.

If there is an emotional outburst ​(​yours or someone else’s​), take a moment. Wait to discuss further until everyone can talk calmly and clearly.

If making any big decisions, take your time, follow your intuition and be flexible and move with the changes.

Expect things to be slower or delayed and prepare fully.

Have back-up plans should weather change suddenly or plans change suddenly. Remain calm. Look for solutions or what’s great about what is happening.

Slow things down and allow time.

Embrace change where possible but also implement change with gentleness, patience and mindfulness – not everyone will react well.

The good of experience is usually only realised at the end of the period, so for now that’s early December. So focus on a longer game.

Prepare for sudden plan changes – go with it. You will end up where you need to be if you let go and flow.

Remember that powerful new creation comes out of a certain degree of chaos.

Good luck and godspeed comrades. We’ll see you on the other side.


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