16 women share the mental health hacks that have changed their lives.

Over the past few ~unprecedented~ years, we've learned that now more than ever, investing in your mental health is always a good idea. 

When everything around us might be going to s**t, keeping as positive a mindset as possible can make a world of difference. 

And while working out every day and eating five serves of vegetables may help, at times, large lifestyle shifts can feel out of reach.

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So we spoke to 16 women about the simple tricks they have for taking care of their mental health.

Whether you're in the midst of a crisis or would like to future proof your mindset, here are 16 mental health hacks that have changed women's lives.

"Every now and then I go phone-less for extended periods of time. I have taken five-day holidays interstate and not taken my phone because I needed the digital detox. Yes, it can be tricky, but you feel so revived afterwards. It brings me back to the present and reminds me to appreciate the ‘now’. I also delete Instagram regularly – not just the app, but my actual Instagram. Then I’ll go a few months – one time nearly a year – without it. It’s not for self-esteem reasons though, it’s to spend more time on what’s important, which greatly helps my mental health." – Bronte.

"I stopped drinking alcohol altogether. Mentally and physically, it has been the best thing ever. I'm not buying into the 'mummy wine time' trope anymore." - Jaime.

"I have set up a button on my phone screen labelled SOS. It has reminders, and links to all the things that help me when I start to feel anxious, such as recorded meditations (from my psychologist and ones I found online), scripted exercises, like breathing on my hands, and reminders of body hacks I can use, like running cold water over my arms." - Lauren.

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"Find a buddy and go for a walk and chat a few times a week at lunch time. We all don’t have the time but putting it in the diary and making it a priority benefits your productivity and wellbeing. Otherwise, walking meetings are great too rather than coffee catch-ups." – Sally.

"I allow for some time away from my children. They are my greatest joy, but also my greatest stressors." - Caroline.

"I try to do one thing I really want to do that day, whether it’s watching something, reading a book, or eating something I’m craving." – Kee.

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"Morning exercise is now my non-negotiable every single morning. Sometimes other things get in the way, like my kids or my business but for my mental health, a walk or a bike ride EVERY day just has to happen. Everyone in my family knows it and reminds me to go for a walk before I start stressing about the day. Endorphins set me up for the whole day." – Yuki.

"I run or swim most days at dusk. It helps me clear out the mental load of the day’s events and stresses." - Natasha.

"I strictly limit my social media intake everyday. We are not built for subconscious comparisons with hundreds of different people each day!" - Annabelle.

"I use meditation – even if it’s just a 10 minute one in the car. There are some great apps and I recently treated myself to wireless headphones. I also make sure my husband shares the mental load." – Janeya.


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"I’m a homebody with generalised anxiety disorder and a four-month-old. I don’t add exercise to my to-do list – I’ve found then it’s like a chore. I just get out and go for a walk with dogs and bubs. Self-care for me is NOT adding another task to my list. It’s switching off and knowing that that’s okay." – Kaela.

"I have 'walk the dog' listed on my to-do list every single day. It forces me to always take some time out in the morning to do it and most weeks, I stick to it at least five days at week. Even on the days where I really can't be bothered, I always feel so much better afterwards – and I'm sure my dog does too." – Jess,

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"I online shop (and 90 per cent don’t buy anything) to clear my brain of challenging news and events." - Natasha.

"I try to turn off my computer and my phone as soon as I get home from work." – Rikki.

"When I wake up feeling down, I'll allow myself to feel my feelings for a few minutes before consciously 'moving on'. Usually that means having a shower, washing off all my shitty emotions, playing my 'happy' playlist at full volume and having a dance around the house while giving it a tidy until things don't feel so bad. Most of the time, this works a treat, but if not I'll take it easy on myself for the rest of the day. Journalling helps, as does a social media detox, cooking a good meal and calling a friend. I have a whole bank of 'strategies' I fall back on for the days my mental health feels challenged. Worst case scenario, I can always rely on a fresh start the next day."

"I get a really good massage at least once a month." - Natasha.

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