Louelle posted a picture of menstrual blood. The internet responded with death threats.

The most scary thing on the internet right now is menstrual blood.

We all squealed with horror and glee when The Mountain dug his fingers into Oberyn Martell’s eye sockets and then squeezed his head so hard that his brain exploded on Game of Thrones. Let me just repeat that: his brain exploded.

A woman doing something all women of child-bearing age do every single month – that’s worthy of sheer, unadulterated disgust and hatred. What in the hell are people so afraid of?

When Louelle Denor posted a picture of her blood-covered menstrual cup to Instagram, the comments came thick and fast.


Denor posted the picture as a protest against Instagram’s decidedly sexist rules about what is and isn’t appropriate material for the platform.

“It’s come to my attention that women are having their accounts banned for showing menstrual blood (and no nudity). This is very seriously fucked up. If this was a picture of blood from a finger laceration, there’d be no issue,” she commented along with the picture.


On August 30, she posted a screen shot of comments the picture has received since she posted it.


“This is what happens when you post a picture of #blood and say it’s from your #vagina,” she wrote.

“@__emicasz__ says that #feminists these days are so fucking stupid. @martinghalle wants to #kill people like me… @dank.meme.machine suggests that #feminists should be #burnedalive #burned. The two of them decide that, really, #jetfuel should be used. And @the.almighty.count.dankula says I should #killmyself #commitsuicide #suicide. All of that over a picture of blood? #overreacting?”

The comments are appalling.

“Feminazis should be put in a shower dispersing male semen onto their faces,” wrote the charming @imthehitlerofmemes.

On Medium, Denor wrote that she posted the picture to stand in solidarity with women who have been banned from Instagram for showing menstrual blood.

Remember the last time you saw some blood? Was it on TV or in a movie or in a video game? It was probably recent – your last exposure to the sight of blood. How did you feel? Did you think the director of the show or movie, or the creator of the game should, oh, I don’t know, kill themselves? Probably not. My point is that we see blood all the time. It’s a regular occurrence, and it is a sight that is considered socially acceptable. It is socially acceptable to show blood shooting out of the human body on the news and in every form of media we consume. It is ubiquitous, and we think almost nothing about it despite it’s often associated violence. So what? I just blew a dude’s head off in Call of Duty. Frankly, that’s how I feel every time. Blood and violence and gore don’t necessarily garner an R rating in theaters, so we have children who can autonomously buy tickets and see movies depicting bloody situations, and for the most part, we’re cool with it. But, what we don’t tolerate is the sight of blood when associated with the vagina EVEN when the vagina is not shown. This is a problem.

Do you think Louelle Denor has a point?


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