Know the signs and symptoms of meningococcal, and keep your kids safe.

Ahead of the peak season for meningococcal disease, where analyses show that infection rates spike between July – September, Meningococcal Australia has issued a reminder to parents to take the time to understand this rare, but devastating disease.

To accompany this message, Meningococcal Australia is launching their Know, Check, Act online educational tool to help parents better understand the signs and symptoms, know how to protect their family and what to do should they suspect someone they care for has meningococcal disease.

Know, Check, Act – Meningococcal Disease from Meningococcal Australia on Vimeo.

Meningococcal Australia was formed by people who are passionate about increasing community awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningococcal disease. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical to avoid complications from the disease and ensure the best chance of recovery and survival.

Many of the members of Meningococcal Australia have been personally touched by the disease and have dedicated their efforts to preventing meningococcal from impacting other families.

Meningococcal Australia works to:

– Educate the community about meningococcal disease

– Lobby for appropriate prevention and treatment pathways

– Provide support to those families affected by meningococcal disease

– Work in consultation with the state-based meningococcal charities

For more information about Meningococcal Australia, please visit:

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