Men in pantyhose? No, no, no. And also? NO!!!!

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There is a website called e-MANcipate that is crusading for the acceptance of men wearing pantyhose.
Some of the positive attributes the website flags for male pantyhose wearers include:


They’re Sexy!

        Guys could really show off their legs in a manly way, and make the fashion palette more colorful.  Dressing up is  fun, and men should be finally part of it, too.


        They’re Healthy!

        It helps to improve performance in sports
or jobs related to heavy leg loads; is helps to survive long flights,
keeps male legs warm during winters or cool during summers.


My favourite part is the testimonials – oddly enough, not accompanied by the photos of the ‘real men’ who espouse the virtues of wearing pantyhose. Like Mike. A truck-driver:

"I am an over-the-road truck driver and spend 11+
hours behind the wheel every day.  As a result my calves and ankles
would swell up and ache badly, and my circulation was poor enough that
a small injury to my shin turned in to venous ulcer that refused to
fully heal for almost 18 months. 

My doctor
recommended that I wear light to medium support medical T.E.D. hose,
but I found them to be far too hot and extremely uncomfortable to wear
all day.  They also cause both shorts and pants to bunch and ride up,
and at $35-50 a pair I simply can’t afford enough pairs to always have
a clean pair to wear since I spend between 5 and 14 days on the road at
a time. 


At the recommendation of my wife, I got several pairs of sheer
knee-high support hose that I wear under pants, and I wear either light
to medium support sheer beige pantyhose or thigh highs openly under
shorts, and I’ve noticed a major improvement in how my legs look and
feel, and my venous ulcer is almost completely healed.


I’ve only had a couple teenagers snicker once (who cares?), and I’ve
worn them exposed into dozens of truck stops, restaurants and even to
family events without even one negative comment or odd look that I’ve


My wife convinced me to start shaving my legs which makes the hose fit
and feel very nice, and as a bonus she thinks that they make my legs
look "sexy".  I’ll also admit that I very much like the way they feel
and look on my legs.


I am completely convinced that if more men could get over their
insecure bias against wearing a "feminine" garment and try a pair
themselves, that within a couple years we’d be seeing men openly
wearing hose with shorts as a mainstream fashion. "

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