Karl Stefanovic's bloody lost it over the two Aussie blokes who foiled a robbery.

Around 1am on Saturday, two regular Aussie blokes come national heroes thwarted an attempted robbery at a restaurant on the Gold Coast.

Moments after “busting a plugga” (breaking a thong) on a night out, 25-year-old James Ross-Munro spotted a break in occurring at his local Oporto take-away chicken shop.

Being the stand up citizen and quick thinker that he is, Ross-Munro ran across the street and stole the keys from the robber’s getaway car.

His mate, Kane Wiblen, captured the whole thing on camera.

If you missed it, you can watch the original here.

Video via Cokewater

The pair appeared on Today this morning to re-tell their epic story from “Singlets and Stubbies” party to the moment they called the police.

You can watch host Karl Stefanovic barely holding it together in the video above.

Oh Karl, good to have you back. :’)

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