Men explaining tampons: what could possibly go wrong?

“And you leave the string hanging out of you, like a party popper.”

What happens when you ask a bunch of clueless men to explain “feminine hygiene products“?

Magic, that’s what. Hilarious magic.

They have no idea...

That's the simple idea behind a new video from Dublin-based YouTube channel Facts.

The video shows four men who have been given a range of products, from tampons to pads and panty liners. They are then asked to explain how they think women use them.

Their answers vary from genuine confusion ("I presume they put it between their legs?") to the downright funny (“It stays in place, it stays with you. A lot of husbands can’t do that.”)

Look - it might be the Irish accents, but this is one of the funniest things we've seen today.

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Video via Facts.

The take home message?

"I'm glad I don't menstruate".

Ok then...

 Does you partner refuse to buy your tampons at the store?

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