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Men are now faking orgasms. No, really.

Um… exactly? We asked the same question. Well, more on that shortly. But apparently men who are addicted to porn are having trouble…… following through. Lucky Davy Rothbart from New York magazine was er, on hand on The Joy Behar Show to explain how this can happen:

Terrific! Now we’ve all learnt a new phrase: Idiosyncratic masturbatory style. Use it in a sentence today!

It’s worthwhile to note that a study by the University of  Kansas found that 28 per cent of the 180 male university students surveyed had faked an orgasm during sex. Twenty-five percent. Those odds are not particularly good. Similarly in‘s 2010 Great Male Survey, 16 per cent of the 100,000 men surveyed, said they faked it on a regular basis. And 14 per cent admitted to faking it once.

According to sex therapist, Ian Kerner (from the CNN video):

“What we really might be witnessing is something much more sinister than fake moans and fake trips to the bathroom to dispose of empty condoms. Kerner argues that the shift by many young men to a life filled with net porn and self pleasure might be relegating sex with women, or other men, to the too hard basket. I mean, who has the time for all that fuss and bother when instant gratification is already on your desktop? As real orgasms allegedly become increasingly delayed or non-existent, that leaves men so afflicted with the difficult choice of either fessing up to their partners or continuing to hone their shtick, with the utmost dread of ever being outed…”

If women can fake orgasms then is it a double standard that men shouldn’t be able do it as well? How offended would you be if someone faked it with you? And would you rather your partner watch porn than have sex with you?

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