'That's a really great place for a flashlight. But she should move her dildo to the nightstand.'

The truth is, most of us have a stash of dildos and/or vibrators somewhere, but where that stash is kept really matters. Apparently, underneath you memory foam mattresses is not so good an option.

After being asked to help a friend move, Imgur user mentosfresh shared a photo of her friend’s memory foam mattress, noting some less than discreet outlines in one of the corners, with the comment, “Friend moving her mattress today. Guess you can tell what was stored underneath?”

What mentosfresh failed to predict though, was just how much the internet loves a good guessing game, and since originally being posted almost four days ago, the image has amassed over 3.1 million views and a large number of theories as to what the mysterious items of the mattress could be.

“Candlesticks. It’s candlesticks, isn’t it?” asked Tinki. “Little log men with hard hats?” guessed fellow user, aaaaaahhhhhh. “Nunchucks?” added notmycircusnotmymonkies.

Whatever they may be, we salute you, friend of mentosfresh. And may your new residence bring you all of the sexual prosperity you desire.