Melissa McCarthy just won SNL impersonations forever with this spoof of Trump's press secretary.

Just when you thought nothing would ever top Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonations, comedic genius Melissa McCarthy has taken on the President’s press secretary Sean Spicer for the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. 

And hooooo-nelly, it is good.

“I’d like to begin today by apologising on behalf of you to me for how you have treated me these last two weeks,” McCarthy screamed in character, adding, “and that apology is not accepted.”

melissa mccarthy sean spicer
The resemblance is uncanny. Source: Getty.

Spicer has received heavy criticism since day one of the Trump administration, after telling journalists what they "should be writing and covering" in his first ever press briefing.

During the same briefing, Spicer also claimed that the turnout to Trump's inauguration ceremony was "the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period," despite numerous data, and picture, sources suggesting otherwise.


In the scarily accurate skit, McCarthy then discussed Trump's recent supreme court pick, saying, "everyone was smiling, everyone was happy, the men all had erections and every single one of the women was ovulating left and right. And no one, no one was sad, okay? Those are the facts forever."

Super soakers, power cords and plastic piles of poo were used... because why not?

In the two weeks since Trump took office, 45-year-old Spicer has also been the butt of jokes after labelling Mexico's president a Prime Minister, referring to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull "Mr Trumble" more than once and confusing Australian Ambassador to the US Joe Hockey for the Australian Prime Minister.

McCarthy ended the skit by saying, "Spicey's gonna go bye-bye right now, I need a big boy nap and I will be woken up exactly one minute before tomorrow's press concert."

It is perfect. Absolutely perfect.