This is why Melissa McCarthy is returning to Gilmore Girls.

Our prayers have been heard.

The good lords of Stars Hollow have finally come through.

Melissa McCarthy is on the set of Gilmore Girls, and everything is right in the world. But it’s been a little drama filled.

Listen to Rosie and Laura discuss Melissa’s return on the latest episode of The Binge:

It was announced last year that Netflix would be bringing the hit show back and most of the main cast confirmed they would be reprising their roles – except McCarthy.

January came around. Nothing.

February came around. Nothing.

March. Nothing.

Her on-screen husband confirmed. Luke’s daughter confirmed. Basically everyone who had ever featured on the show confirmed, except Lorelai Gilmore’s bestie and business partner.

Then, in April,  Melissa announced she would be taking back her role as Sookie St James.

Melissa McCarthy's Time 100 speech.
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Considering she has gone on to have one heck of a career since playing the loveable chef, many claimed that she was ‘too big to come back.’ However, after visiting the set, the 45 year old told People: “Oh, my God, it was so sad. I got so sentimental. And it felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was lovely.”


As luck would have it, another project she was working on changed its plans allowing her to return to the show: “Once we decided is there any possible way, something fell out for me, something changed for them, and then we immediately nabbed it.”

But as Laura Brodnik argues on the latest episode of The Binge, “she’s in a bit of a precarious situation at the moment, because her last two movies tanked."

The first image from the Gilmore Girls revival (Image via Netflix)

"So now I think she is doing a little bit of damage control, especially because her new movie Ghostbusters is coming out and that’s done quiet badly with the trailer reviews. So I think she’s just wanting to remind people that they loved her on [Gilmore Girls]. I think it’s as much of a career PR move as it is a feelings move.”

Listen to the full episode of The Binge here, where we also discuss Orange is the New Black, Outlander and Unreal...

The Netflix reboot of Gilmore Girls will pick up ten years later and includes almost all of the original main characters, including those played by Lauren Graham, Alexis Blendel and Scott Paterson, among others.

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