The Australian teens, aka 'Sky High Idiots', pulling life-threatening stunts.

A group of Melbourne teenagers, whose latest stunt involves ‘surfing’ on trains, say that when it comes to their behaviour “it’s completely our decision.”

The ‘gang’, who call themselves Sky High Idiots, have told various news outlets: “We’ve all accepted that everyone’s going to die one day, there’s no reason to be concerned about it.”

Just days ago, the group’s Instagram account posted photos and videos of a teenage girl, dressed only in her underwear, riding on the back of a train.

“We them lads from west side Melbourne,” read the caption.

Previously, they’ve shared photos of a group of young men on the back of a train, with a caption apparently describing their interaction with a police officer:

“Cop: What is your reason for train surfing?
Me: We weren’t
Was a good day with the squad.”

In the wake of one particular stunt, where a young person rode on the roof of a train as it went through a tunnel, one member of the group told Nine News, “If we want to risk our lives doing that then it’s what we’re going to do.”


“(Our) parents aren’t really too thrilled about it but it’s not going to stop us.”

In the last year, three teens have died while travelling on the outside of trains.

The group appear to appreciate the attention their behaviour has attracted, posting photos and videos of various news reports with hashtags such as #livefastdieyoung, and #catchusifyoucan.

They’ve also posted a screenshot of text message communication with reporter Paul Dowsley, who offers to meet them for an anonymous interview.

Police are currently investigating the group, and urge anyone who sees their dangerous behaviour to call 000.