A Melbourne man arrested on child rape charges in Los Angeles.

A Melbourne man has been arrested on child rape charges after he was allegedly caught trying to pay for sex with a six-year-old.

Monash embryologist Michael Quinn, 33, was arrested in a Los Angeles hotel room after meeting undercover officers posing as paedophiles.

The Herald Sun reported that documents filed to the court said Special Agent Aaron McClellan had been speaking to Quinn since May 6 when the two began discussing his upcoming LA trip.

Quinn had been flying to LA for a three-week rugby tour with fellow Australian teammates.

Documents revealed that Quinn told agent McClellan that he wanted to pay US$250 to have sex with a six-year-old boy.

Source: Facebook.

In one of the messages, Quinn allegedly said: "I'd like to meet up with a dad who shares his young ones."

The agent was also recorded as asking Quinn what he was looking for while he was in LA.

“I sent him a private email message via Website A, asking what he was looking for in Los Angeles; he immediately responded that he was looking for sex with children, and stated that while he liked boys and girls, his favourites were boys aged 5 to 10," he said.

Agent McClellan and two other agents disguised themselves as paedophiles when they met Quinn at a LA hotel last Saturday.

It was reported that the men shared drinks before moving to a hotel room where they were joined by another agent masquerading as a "pimp".

Source: Facebook.

Court documents also revealed what Agent McClellan said happened when the men entered the room.

“Quinn, having been told it would be $250 to use the boy for an hour, pulled out $260. After he paid the ‘pimp’, law enforcement came into the room and arrested everyone,” McClellan said.

It was reported the 33-year-old had a camera on him at the time of his arrest but no details about what was on it have been revealed.

Quinn has been charged with attempted sex trafficking of a minor and travelling to the US to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

He is said to be facing 30 years in jail if found guilty.