Queensland local Shae Miller is the biggest star of the Melbourne Cup for all the wrong reasons.

Forget Almandin, the real winner of the 2016 Melbourne Cup was Brisbane punter, Shae Miller, who just wanted to see one unlucky race goer have their lost wallet returned to them.

Miller made her national television debut when she interrupted a Channel 9 news broadcast on Tuesday afternoon, walking on screen with a wallet she’d spotted on the ground moments earlier.

melbourne cup wallet woman
Shae Miller with Channel 9 reporter Phil Wilmington. Source: Channel 9.

She told reporter Phil Wilmington in a slurred voice, "Channel Nine, I think you need to know somebody has lost three dollars. Can you give that to the rightful owner?"

An unimpressed Wilmington - who by this stage had spent the better part of his day surrounded by drunkards - replied, "I probably wouldn't be able to find them."

melbourne cup wallet woman Shae Miller
Shae Miller on Today. Source: Channel 9.

But invested in serving justice, Miller did not take no for an answer, trying to push the wallet into Wilmington's jacket pocket, saying, "No, it's important. How dare you!" before friends dragged her away.

Appearing on The Today Show this morning, the Queensland woman who is originally from Melbourne sheepishly told hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic about what happened following her television appearance.

"We just handed it [the wallet] into security on the way out, which in hindsight I should have just done to begin with," she said.

Sounding seriously worse for wear after attending the race that stops the nation, the office manager conceded that "way too many family members saw" the broadcast, but added, "mum's proud no matter what."

melbourne cup wallet woman Shae Miller
Shae Miller on Today. Source: Channel 9.

Her act of attempted kindness has already begun making its way around the world, appearing on British and US sites in the hours that followed.

But despite her newfound notoriety Miller still has one question, "what about the wallet?"

With no one claiming the precious item, it looks like there's $3 still up for grabs.

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