The most phenomenal frocks and fabulous fascinators from the 2017 Melbourne Cup.

Video by Mamamia

Ah, Melbourne Cup day.

The one day each and every year where we all pretend to know something about horse racing, and pretend we’ve placed bets on the jockey with the best chance (instead of on the horse with the wackiest name and the prettiest jersey).

It’s also one of the few days every year where a headband, some feathers and over-priced fabric flowers can be worn on top of our heads and called ‘fashion’.

And while we’re all excited about those 10 minutes in which all of Australia stops and cheers, for most of us, the real reason we are here is for the style.

The makeup, the shoes, the fabulous fascinators. We can’t get enough.

As more and more stars have shared their looks, one trend has become particularly obvious: colour-blocking. Anna Heinrich and Natalia Cooper are just two celebrities who chose to wear bright dresses and fascinators that clashed, making for a very colourful look.

Take a look at the best looks from this year’s Melbourne Cup:


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