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EXCLUSIVE: Mel and Julz from 'Farmer Wants a Wife' have broken up.

It was only a few short weeks ago that Australia witnessed Melanie win the heart of a country boy on Channel Nine’s Farmer Wants A Wife. From a bevvy of beautiful girls she was chosen by Farmer Julz as the woman he wanted to spend his life with in Tumby Bay.

So what happened once the cameras stopped rolling?

Melanie sat down with us to tell us where things are at now with her and Julz.

What happened when filming stopped?

This is going to sound weird, but falling for someone on reality TV came as a surprise but was warmly welcomed!

You never think it’s going to be YOU.

Once filming finished, there were a lot of emotions being felt (mostly good) but I have mastered the art of being the devil’s advocate. The logistics’ of long distance were discussed and it was decided that we had the feelings there to warrant a cross-country relationship. It wasn’t one sided, Julz visited me and I spent time with him at the farm.

Whilst filming was a lot of fun, it was a nice feeling to be able to get to know each other in a more natural environment.

The months that followed the end of filming were equally as fun; I think we managed a trip to see each other every two or so weeks in the beginning- considering there were two connecting flights between us, and our commitments to work/the farm, we thought this was pretty good!

How would you describe your relationship with Julz after the show?

Come the end of filming in early September we were both excited and nervous, the reality was that even though (for me) I felt very comfortable with Julz, we hardly actually knew each other.

Mel and Julz (Supplied)

To the best of our ability, we did our best to be a ‘normal’ couple, but it was just nice to be able to hang out together as two people learning and getting to know each other. There was no going to the movies or on dinner dates, but little things like feeding the chooks and visiting the cattle paddocks meant a whole lot more.

How would you describe your relationship now?

Julz and I ended the relationship in late December, we haven’t spoken since.

Did you feel this was a real relationship for both of you? Did you feel like he was invested in the relationship working?

In the beginning it was a strange concept, but it very quickly developed into a real relationship. All relationships have their highs and lows, our highs were very high and our lows were equally as low.

We spoke as much as we could, but it was often that our ‘free time’ didn’t co-inside. After two months Julz began harvest and I had just been offered a (short) term contract that was an opportunity I couldn’t pass.


I had only been living back in Sydney for 8 months after living throughout rural NSW, with the goal of returning to the city for 12-18 months to gain some mentoring in a field I am very passionate about before the ultimate goal of returning back to the country.

We both knew it would be a busy few weeks but after the year that we’d had the summer would bring us back together.

Did you meet his family? Did he meet yours?

Yes we both met each other’s family, Julz’s family live (in their own houses) on the farm and play a big part in his daily life and he had the opportunity to meet my mum and brother whilst on a trip to Sydney.

Mel became very friendly with the other girls on the show. (Supplied)

Did you guys plan to move in together?

Considering the logistics’ of long distance relationships, the feelings we had for each other, Julz’s current situation at home and my desire to get back to the country as soon as I could – we had talked about a January move.

Has the outcome changed how you felt about being on the show?

As I have said, the six(ish) weeks of filming, from the initial meeting in the Hunter, the farm stay and the final episode back in the Hunter, it was an absolutely amazing time in my life. During the four months of dating off-screen, I got to know a lot about Julz, his lifestyle and myself.

Melanie during filming (Supplied)

It has certainly changed my view on reality TV. But at the end of the day, if out of six couples – one has found true love – it is a pretty special thing!

Where are you now and what are you doing?

When I originally moved back to Sydney, it was a tough decision but I knew it was something I needed to do for my career.

I still have a lifestyle goal of living on a property with some cattle, and to perhaps even study something agriculturally related, but I have worked hard to get to where I am so I wasn’t going to let a break up interfere with my current career goal.

I work with a very supportive team as an Exercise Physiologist, in an allied health clinic, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and my then short-term contract was extended indefinitely. Its allowed me to develop my passion in combating mental health and chronic disease through exercise education in ways I didn’t think possible.

As much as I complain about the city lifestyle, it’s nice to be surrounded by my close family and friends! They certainly weren’t sad about me sticking around the city a little longer.

Dating advice?

Ladies listen to your gut, its often correct far more times than we give it credit for.