A photo of Melania Trump's dad has emerged and the internet is not coping.

The internet has just met Melania Trump’s dad and, well, they feel like they’ve seen him somewhere before.

He looks very, very familiar.

In fact, if you lightened his hair and added some fake tan, you might just mistake him for the President of the United States.

Yep, he’s an absolute dead ringer for Donald Trump.

Matt Novak, a tech writer for Gizmodo, shared a photo of the First Lady’s dad Viktor Knavs on Twitter and people were very quick to point out the similarities between the two men.

The photo shows Knavs exiting the President’s private plan and honestly, he would win first prize at a Donald Trump impersonation competition – he’s even nailed Trump’s signature long red necktie.


Someone who’s nifty with a zoom function even noticed that Trump and Knavs have the same teeny, tiny little man hands.

And they’re pretty much the same age – Trump turns 71 this week and Knavs is 73. And one would have to surmise that at 73, Knavs dyes his hair like Donald. He just dyes it a different colour.

While we could put this down to a one-off, creepy coincidence, scientific studies have found that women tend to choose partners who look a little like their fathers. It’s called imprinting and it’s completely natural, if not a little spine-tingling.

So yeah, there’s that.

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