Melania Trump spills on her sex life in a resurfaced interview and it's horrifying.

A sex life we probably shouldn’t be hearing about is the sex life of a US President.

Especially if it’s a sex life he was, once upon at time, willing to talk about with frivolous inhibition.

An old – very old – Howard Stern interview with Donald and Melania has resurfaced online and my ears are dead, burned,  never to coming back. In it, there’s talk of clothes – or lack thereof – sex and boobs. What a time to be alive. (And while we’re here,  quick shout-out the ultra feminist, not at all pervy Howard Stern.)

It all went a little bit like this:

Donald was chatting to Stern about – well, I’m not really even sure, before talk of Melania came up.

What’s her name again? Melanie, is it? (10 points for shooting and… missing.)

Before long, Melania was on the line, talking to Stern and fending off a tsunami of compliments about her appearance.

You are so hot.

I see pictures of you, I can’t believe it, you’re a dream.


I want you to put on your hottest outfit.

The Trumps in 2001. Image: Getty.

And then, somehow, it got worse. Much worse. Stern proceeded to ask Melania what she was wearing.

“Not much,” she replies.

“Are you nude?” Stern asks.


"Ahh. I have my pants off already," he says.

Melania is then asked if she goes round to Trump’s apartment every night to have sex and she says yes, before adding “even more”.

Because there's no cap on how many misogynistic questions you can ask in one interview, apparently, and Stern then proceeded to ask her if she ever "steals money from [Trump's] wallet", before telling her she has a "nice chest for a model".

Vote 1 Howard Stern to Make America Great Again. Again.