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Meet Claudia, the woman who's willing to spend big money to be "prettier than Melania".

Women across the United States are undergoing painful and pricey plastic surgery procedures in a bid to look more like Melania and Ivanka Trump, a Houston surgeon says.

“I’ve have had many women visit my office wanting the ‘Ivanka look,’” Dr Franklin Rose recently announced, continuing, “So it’s not really surprising to see women now requesting to look more like Melania, who is simply gorgeous.”

Listen: It’s been named ‘The Melania’ by plastic surgeons and botox specialists. The Mamamia Out Loud team discuss what it involves, and whether it’s insane or fine. Post continues after audio. 

Operating out of Utopia Plastic Surgery in Texas, Dr Rose outlined what the ‘Melania Makeover’ entails in a recent Facebook Live video with his patient, Claudia Sierra.

“The reason we’re doing this Facebook Live is she’s going to be featured on an Inside Edition show because she favours the look of the now beautiful Melania Trump,” Rose says, outlining the “seven or eight” procedures the mum of two will undergo in order to look like the nation’s First Lady.

Included in the procedure are rhinoplasty, a facelift, a breast implant reconstruction, a tummy tuck, liposuction and a buttock lift.

“We’re going to get Claudia prettier than Melania,” Dr Rose promised.

During the video, Sierra said, “I’m so excited. I’m ready. I want to feel as good as I do on the inside, on the outside.”

Later, she joked, “Melania’s going to want to look like me!”

Ahead of her procedure, Sierra told the New York Post, “Melania for me illustrates power and strength. She is our first lady and I am looking forward to more closely resembling her and becoming a better version of me and for it to show on the outside,” adding, “I want to feel like the first lady that I know I am inside.”

Would you go under the knife to look more like someone famous? Who? Let us know in the comments below.

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