The pants Melania Trump just wore are the most confusing thing to happen in 2018.

Melania Trump is famous for her sartorial decisions.

Who could forget the “I really don’t care do u?” jacket on the way to board an Air Force plane visiting migrant children at the Texas-Mexico border?

But now Melania has made a style choice that despite being very unpolitical, is desperately confusing.

Melania Trump pants
WUT R THOSE. Image: Getty.

Firstly, we need to rule out some theories.

Upon first glance, it is very possible that Melania is wearing no pants at all, but has borrowed Donald's fake tan to get the pins out.

It also appears that Melania could be wearing a very risqué mini skirt.

But upon closer inspection, it appears Melania is wearing a pair of tan leather jeans that are the exact colour of her skin and her shoes.

She is also wearing sunglasses in the dead of night, which is confusing on a whole other level.

One question remains: WHY THOSE PANTS?


We have theories.

1. Melania ordered the wrong colour online. 

We have all made the rookie mistake of ordering an item of clothing online, only for it to arrive in the wrong colour.


Could it be that Melania was on The Iconic the night before she was heading to Iraq and tried to order a chic new pair of black leather pants (with three hour delivery) only for them to arrive in Tan?

We aren't ruling anything out.

2. She is trolling Donald. 

We, more than anyone, love a cheeky prank.

It is very likely that Melania, with her stylist by her side, decided they would troll Donald by buying a pair of pants so similar to her skin colour that Donald would panic, thinking his wife had forgotten to put pants on for their official duties.

A hilarious, timeless prank.

Mia Freedman and Amelia Lester discuss the respective plights of the two 'First Ladies' on our Trump podcast. Post continues. 

3. She was channelling Christmas tree vibes. 

Paired with a (very nice) dark green jacket, Melania may have been getting in touch with her festive side by dressing up as a Chirstmas tree, the legs being the trunk and the jacket being the top.

Tis' the season, after all.

4. She liked them. 

All jokes aside, it's not Melania's fault her husband is... questionable.

She can wear whatever the heck she wants, and maybe she just liked the damn pants.

Or could this all be part of an elaborate scheme to distract us from the actual purpose of Melania and Donald's trip to the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq to visit troops?

Only time will tell.

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