Nobody is coping with Melania Trump's footwear choice to visit Hurricane Harvey victims.

If anyone or anything was going to divert attention from the victims of intense and life-threatening floods, it would surely be Melania Trump’s shoes, would it not?

As the President and First Lady boarded the plane to Houston on their way to the natural disaster zone, Melania stepped out in the highest of shoes with the thinnest of heels, the shoe – in the space of minutes – coming to represent far more than just a shoe, apparently.

Because a shoe isn’t just a shoe when Melania Trump wears some shoes.

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This is the disconnect, Twitter wildly screamed, between the Trumps and the rest of us.

She wears stilettos to a natural disaster zone.

Except, erm, by the time she actually arrived in Houston, the First Lady had traded her stilettos for another, more suitable pair of sneakers, and a cap with FLOTUS brandished across the top – lest we forget who she is and the title she holds.

So did she cave to pressure, or was this written into her plan all along?

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Considering you can't birth a pair of Stan Smith sneakers with nothing more than a click of the fingers and the onslaught of peer pressure, it would seem Melania knew what she was doing all along.

Responding to the media attention, the First Lady's spokesperson told Fortune, "It's sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes".

So, if you'd prefer to focus on helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey, click here.

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