Melania Trump's new coat is getting people all fired up.

Your best winter coat has nothing on what Melania Trump just wore.

The First Lady arrived at a palace in Italy – where the President was attending the G7 summit – wearing a Dolce & Gabbana coat which is worth almost $70,000 AUD.

Yep, that’s a lot of smashed avo.

The coat, which is really bloody fancy, is available from for $US51,000 — with a $25,100 deposit.

Although fashionistas from all over the world were chomping at the bit to see Melania’s latest wardrobe choice, many others have accused her of flaunting her wealth.


And they do have a point. As The Mercury News pointed out, Melania’s coat could pay the salary of a teacher, police officer, coal miner or a Trump organisation assistant.

In fact, this one piece of clothing costs more than what the average American earns each year.



Business Insider reported “making $US51,500 would put you in the 65% of Americans” according to 2016 U.S Census Bureau data.

And the median household income in the US is $US53,889.

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However, others have argued that she earned her money and she can spend it however she chooses.


What do you think of Melania’s decision to wear such an expensive coat?