Mel Greig shares the dirty secret behind her stylish all-white outfit.

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White jeans may have made a fashion comeback, but anyone who’s prone to a clumsy moment or two hundred knows that they’re not the most, ahem, practical item to wear.

Mel Greig now knows this all too well.

In an article published on The Daily Mail, Greig was praised for her fancy all-white outfit but there was more to the ripped, skinny white jeans and white t-shirt combo than meets the eye. A serious malfunction.

(Watch: Why the white shirt is a classic wardrobe staple for a reason. Post continues after video.)

The offender?

Chocolate. Never a great look on white pants, right?

While most people might do anything to avoid drawing attention to it, Greig owned it, ousting herself on social media.


“When the Daily Mail call you stylish but the truth is you’ve sat in chocolate and you’re covering up your ass with your jacket,” she wrote on Instagram.


That nonchalantly-tied denim jacket around her waist? It’s not just for decoration, it’s artfully angled to disguise a big old chocolate splodge on the bum of her white jeans.

It’s a situation we all worry about, have probably found ourselves in at least once and the reason why we can’t have nice things like white jeans…. (Post continues after gallery.)


Her followers were quick to applaud her honesty and share their own white-jeans-spell-disaster stories.

I love wearing white but it’s a tomato sauce magnet!,” wrote gevaux.

“Hahaha … Something I would do.. Love how down to earth you are,” added kylie_jacob.

Your secret’s safe with us, Greig.

Have you ever had any white clothes disasters?

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