Mel Greig's latest spray tanning appointment got awkward. Perfectly awkward.

Image: Instagram (@melgreigradio).

Even if you love the final result, the process of having a spray tan can feel pretty undignified. There’s the whole ‘near-nudity with a stranger‘ thing, the daggy paper undies, and the bra-less, slightly smelly aftermath.

All of that can be cringey enough, but Mel Greig has shared evidence of a tan that took the awkwardness one step further.

The Wollongong-based breakfast radio host was back in Sydney yesterday for an appearance on the Today Show, and called in a mobile tanning service to help her get prepared.

It was not your average appointment, however, as evidenced by the photo a freshly-sprayed Greig shared on social media:

"#sydneylife #albinolife #girlneedsatan #todayshow #upearly #hopeitstillworks"

"You know you're back in Sydney when you spend $70 for a mobile spray tan... and then to make it worse they don't have hair nets so you have to put your knickers on your head," she captioned the shot.

Resourcefulness, thy name is Mel Greig. We must say, red was a rather fetching choice and contrasts nicely with Greig's blonde hair and new tan.

Judging by the comments section we weren't the only ones amused by Greig's inventive hair net — and one of her Instagram followers went so far as to ask whether it was a "clean pair".

Watch: Had a dodgy fake tan? Distract from it with a fun manicure. (Post continues after video.)

Although Greig was clearly a little apprehensive about the final result — she used the hashtag "#hopeitstillworks", after all — it seems everything worked out fine in the end.

The former Celebrity Apprentice star tweeted a selfie from the hair and makeup department at Channel 9 this morning, with another example of her fabulous improvisation skills, this time involving a couple of sectioning clips:

Say hello to Mel's new signature 'do, "Clipity". (Twitter)

"Hot new hairstyle that I call 'clipity' just leave the clips in & you're off .. Ready for @TheTodayShow Mixed Grill," she wrote.

If she ever gets sick of radio, we reckon Greig has a promising career in the DIY hair and tanning industries.

Have you ever had an awkward tanning experience? Tell us about it in the comments.

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