Mel Greig doesn't want you to follow in her DIY hair dye footsteps.

Image: Instagram/@melgreigradio.

DIY hair dye always seems like a good idea at the time. I mean, a $15 take-home box versus a $150 appointment and small talk at the hairdressers? No question, right? Not always.

For the inexperienced (or even the unlucky), when it’s just you, some simple instructions and a bottle of hair dye, things have the potential to go wrong.

Very wrong, as Mel Greig discovered this morning when she checked her hair after attempting to dye it herself. (Watch: Mia Freedman shares the secret to a great haircut. Post continues after video.)

When you’re a tight ass and you try and dye your own hair platinum #purplestreaks #whitenotblonde#gwenstefanigonewrong #goodonemel,” she captioned her Instagram selfie.


Yep, drag your eyes away from the radio host’s incredible highlighter effort, and you’ll spy a faint tinge of lavender throughout her blonde hair.

We feel you, Mel; we’ve all been there.

According to Aiden Gardner, colourist at Edwards and Co Alexandria, DIY blonde gone wrong is something he unfortunately sees quite regularly.

“I have seen too many devastated clients attempt to colour their hair blonde at home and either damage it beyond repair or achieve the most horrendous colour results. We are here for a reason – we understand how to tailor a blonde specifically for you,” he told The Glow previously. (Post continues after gallery.)


It’s not the first time the Wave FM breakfast host has been honest about her mishaps, recently confessing that her stylish in-transit outfit was actually covering up a chocolate stain she’d dropped on her white jeans.

Her best one? Forgetting a hair net for a spray tan and using her (clean!) undies on her head to prevent hair stains. She shared a selfie of the occasion, of course.

You mean you don't do this too? Image: Instagram/@melgreigradio

Greig's followers were quick to sympathise with the latest disaster, offering their own horror stories.

"I remember trying this and went yellow instead..#neveragain," wrote redmanmediau.

"Just own it. Like it was meant to be," wrote sarah_m_duffy. We couldn't agree more.

Have you ever had a DIY hair disaster? Share it with us below.

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