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Mel Greig celebrated her divorce with a Magic Mike show in Las Vegas.

Australian television and radio personality Mel Greig has celebrated her divorce in Las Vegas by attending the Magic Mike Live male strip show.

Yes, celebrated.

The 34-year-old announced the split from her husband of 18 months Steve Pollock in April last year. The divorce was finalised last month.

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“When I married my husband I wanted it to be forever, we all do and we now have to readjust to a life without that reality,” she wrote for Yahoo Be at the time.

“A judge is about to hand down his approval for my marriage to be officially over and it breaks my heart.”

Now, she said her life is slowly returning to normal and it’s time to look at the positives.

(Note: ‘looking at the positives’ sounds much more appealing when Magic Mike is involved. Fifteen men with washboard abs is surely better for the soul than any self-help book.)

This is the final phase where you accept it’s all over and look at all the positives and you celebrate YOU,” Greig wrote in a subsequent article for Yahoo Be.


“This is also where ‘divorce parties’ come into it.”

Divorce parties?

“Yes, you could throw a party at home or in a local bar that would still be quite adequate,” Greig wrote.

“Or, when your friend says she’s getting married in Vegas, why not extend the holiday and turn it into a divorce party, too?”


Greig said the strip show was nothing like she had imagined.

“I’m a massive creep and totally fine with watching naked men lick whipped cream off each other and flap their bits around on stage,” she wrote.

“But when I went to the show, it wasn’t what I expected… It was actually so much better.”

She wrote about the seating and the “touchy touchy” that comes with it — “Do your hardest to book the front row. That is where you’ll get the most attention.”

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But finally, and most interestingly, she said she met another woman in her travels, who was also having a divorce party.

“We felt happy for allowing ourselves this experience,” Greig wrote.

“It is perfectly acceptable to be positive and celebrate the start of a new chapter, and if we’re honest the best way to get over a man is to get under a new one… so getting under 15 at once should definitely help with the recovery.”

Is it the start of a ‘divorce party’ trend? Greig isn’t the only celebrity to embrace the occasion — Katie Price through a three-day party in Ibiza after divorcing Peter Andre, while White Stripes frontman Jack White and his ex-wife Karen Elson celebrated the end of their marriage with a joint soiree.

Look, if anything resembling Channing Tatum is involved, we’re definitely not arguing.