Ex Spice Girl Mel B storms off the set of Sunrise after Kochie makes an awkward comment.

In case you missed it, Mel B walked off the set of Sunrise this morning. She threw up her arms, stood up and crossed straight in front of the camera.

“Oh gosh. I’m leaving. Like, what is all this?” she said.

Okay, so it was a bit of a joke, and therefore wasn’t the diva moment it could have been, or should we say should have been.

Because, while the former Spice Girl’s storm-out was tongue-in-cheek, we would hardly blame her for doing it for real.

"Like, what is all this?" Mel B walks off Sunrise set. Image: Channel 7.

The faux flip-out was prompted by comments about her supposed "feud" with X Factor co-host Iggy Azalea, which we all know is the only interesting/marketable storyline for two well-known, successful women on a reality TV show panel.

The questioning began when Sunrise host Natalie Barr asked if Azalea - a platinum selling hip hop artist - felt "scared and a bit threatened" by Mel B's late addition to the programme.

"Oh God, no," the 41-year-old responded. "She's got a massive career, she's highly, highly successful. And we get on, so..."

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"Do you? Do you really?", Barr pushed.

"I know you're trying to get some rivalry between me and Iggy, but there isn't any."

Barr's colleague David "Kochie" Koch then innocently pondered whether Azalea could be a Spice Girl, but as Mel B quickly pointed out she probably doesn't want/need to, given she already does a perfectly good job of being Iggy.

Yet despite Mel B's perfectly articulate insistence that all is amicable on the judging panel, Kochie wrapped the interview (slash blindly read the tele-prompter) by saying the following:

"Don't miss Mel B on the X Factor. It's the first elimination show tonight, at 7:30. How will she and Iggy get on?"

Cue the pretend-but-also-kind-of-serious walk out.

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It's not the first time Mel B has been forced to quash the absurd rumour about her conflict with Azalea.

Speaking to Who earlier this month, she said, "I come from a group that preached girl power. It isn’t fair to presume we’re not going to get along just because we’re both women.

"People want to pit us against each other for that reason, but I’ve met Iggy before and she’s lovely. I think we’re going to have fun.”