Breakfast radio host secretly quits.

One of the famous people who wakes up really early to say things on the radio has quit. 

THE SPICE GIRL. It’s the Spice Girl one.

Mel B (AKA Scary Spice) has left TodayFM. But there’s been so little fanfare about it, we almost didn’t notice. ALMOST, 2DayFM. Almost slipped this one by us.

As Mumbrella reports, “Melanie Brown has been quietly removed from all the marketing materials for 2DayFM today as her stint as a host has come to an end.”

Mel B has been co-hosting the breakfast show with Sophie Monk, Jules Lund and Merrick Watts since Kyle and Jackie O moved stations. She mostly calls in from LA to chat to the others, but she’s been missing quite a bit lately.

On the show’s Facebook page, an administrator has said this about her absence: “hey guys! she hasn’t been on the show for a couple of months with her many commitments overseas… she’s still a friend of the show and will be chatting to her every now and then! xx”

And it’s all in the pictures.

This was the original promo poster when the foursome started hosting the show:

AND here’s what the Facebook page looks like now…


We’re not sure how this all went down or how Mel B broke the news of her departure…

But one can only hope it included a chorus of “Stop right now, thank you very much, I need somebody with the human touch. Hey you, always on the radio, gotta slow it down baby, gotta… Do something else with my Spice Girls fame.”