Mel B is blind in one eye after a botched attempt at fixing her vision.


All the eye nightmares can be found in this story.

Mel B originally underwent laser eye surgery to correct her vision, but actually ended up being left with lasting damage in her left eye.

Mel B at the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

That was 15 years ago.

She is hoping to undergo a full cornea transplant soon in order to correct her blindness.

The 39-year-old explained to Hello magazine: “I can’t see at all out of my left eye. The lasering went wrong so this [operation] will be totally life-changing

The transplant will involve doctors replacing the transparent front part of her left eye with donor tissue.

Mel joked about the idea of having a part of someone else eye on her own, “Hopefully I won’t be seeing what the other person’s seen, the other dead person.”

The X Factor judge was a recent presenter at the MOBO awards, and realised she couldn’t read her autocue.

Mel B at the recent MOBO awards

It was then she knew it was time to seek help for the damage.

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