Meghan Markle's unusual behaviour before she was whisked away in a "security scare".

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Meghan Markle was “not her usual self” before she was whisked away from a Fiji market because of what Kensington Palace described as a “security scare”.

Officially, the palace said the Duchess of Sussex was removed due to crowd management issues – that security staff were concerned about so many people in such a small, closed in space.

But onlookers there in the Suva market have said the 37-year-old had “looked concerned” before entering and uncharacteristically distracted while inside.

The witness told The Mirror Meghan appeared to whisper something in the ear of one of her aides before heading in.

“When she got into the market she looked really disengaged, not her usual self at all,” the onlooker said.

“She stopped to speak to a pineapple seller on one of the stalls and had a very blank and disengaged look on her face, which is very unlike her.”

Meanwhile, Asenaca Salusalu, the first vendor to meet Meghan told The Sun that she appeared “afraid”.

“She didn’t really speak at all, like she was a bit afraid. She just said ‘Bula’ and ‘Nice to meet you’. But I’m happy to have met her.”

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Meghan was walked out of the market within minutes of arriving. Image: Getty.

Another witness had their own theory about why the royal left just six minutes into her allocated 15-minute visit: morning sickness.

"It was very hot and humid in there so perhaps it wasn't the best environment for a pregnant woman," they said.

Many have commented that the 16-day tour would be tiring for Meghan, who is believed to be about four months pregnant.

The Duchess has already skipped a few engagements late last week and at the weekend to rest.

But Kensington Palace aides have made it clear Meghan's not suffering from any illness and is merely feeling the effects of jetlag and a packed schedule.

"She is not sick, just resting after feeling tired," they said.