Meghan Markle doesn’t owe us anything. Especially not a photo on the steps of the Lindo Wing.



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It was a royal baby announcement – but it wasn’t the one we’d all been waiting for.

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told the world that they would be keeping the imminent birth of their baby – due any day now – secret, until they have had a chance to ‘celebrate privately as a family’.

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We’d known for some time, if rumours were to be believed, that the royal couple had toyed with the idea of breaking royal protocol by shunning the Lindo Wing, where both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana gave birth.

But when the news was confirmed via a statement from Buckingham Palace, people were… disappointed.


For the Sun, journalist Lauren Clark wrote: “Wanting to shut out the adoring British – not to mention US – public from the birth seems a little churlish given the adoration they have received.”

If Meghan wanted privacy, Clark pondered, why on earth did she marry into the royal family?

And for some royal fans and haters alike, it was less a feeling of disappointment, and one more of… anger.


According to the Express, guests on British TV show, Good Morning Britain clashed over the announcement.

While singer Jamelia said it was “inhumane” for Meghan to appear on the steps of the Lindo Wing mere hours after giving birth, author and broadcaster Anna May Magdan said: “The country needs some joy and she’s depriving us of that.”

Meghan has been dubbed a hypocrite for enjoying the trappings of royal life – her tax-funded fairytale wedding and newly-renovated 10-bedroom home included – while refusing to share the joy of the arrival of her first born, as is tradition.


But aren’t the real hypocrites those who expect her to do that after the hostile and toxic treatment she has received from a large majority of the press and the public over the past six months?

Let’s not forget how abruptly the tide turned on the Duchess not long after she announced she was expecting.

First the news broke that Meghan and Harry were moving out of Kensington Palace, shortly before rumours began to leak from the palace that she was a ‘difficult’ woman.

There were accusations of demanding 5am text messages to staff, causing many of them to quit. ‘Hurricane Meghan’, they called her. We’d better watch out.

In January of this year, The Daily Mail decided Meghan’s choice of breakfast made her single-handedly responsible for drought, murder and environmental devastation.

The poor woman couldn’t even put her hands on her blooming bump without the press and the public having something to say about it. “It’s all very Baby Bump Barbie,” British magazine editor Jo Elvin told MailOnline, suggesting the Duchess’ “rigid” pose was entirely contrived for the most flattering photographs.

There were even those that refused to believe she was pregnant at all, suggesting she was faking it.

And maybe that’s when Meghan snapped. Maybe that’s when she decided that her bump, her baby, her body, is not anyone’s property to be possessed with an extreme sense of entitlement.

Perhaps if people had been a little bit nicer to her, she would have wanted the share the moment with all of us.