The most convincing theory about why Meghan Markle had to suddenly leave the Fiji markets.

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry participated in their royal engagements in Fiji on Wednesday, reports flooded in that the Duchess’ visit to a market had been cut short due to a ‘security issue’.

The 37-year-old was scheduled for a 15 minute visit to the market, where she would meet female businesswomen participating in the UN Women’s Markets for Change project.

But after just seven minutes, she was escorted out of the area.

According to royal sources, the visit was cut short due to “the large number of people within the market, which made the event uncomfortably busy”.

“There were much bigger crowds than people had been anticipating,” the source said.

There has, however, been a second theory proposed on why Meghan Markle had to suddenly leave the marketplace, and it’s very, very convincing.

In a segment on the Today Show discussing the incident, featuring Princess Diana’s former bodyguard for expert comment, Karl Stefanovic offhandedly suggested another explanation.

It can be summarised as follows:


Harry's. Shirt.

"She's probably feeling a little bit sick having seen Harry in that awful shirt," Karl said. And goodness what an observation.


Prince Harry, sweetie. You are not chill. You cannot get away with wearing a holiday shirt. Blue is not your colour.

It ain't right.

Harry's shirt is unequivocally the reason his wife needed to leave, immediately.

It was too much.

She could deal with the shirt for five minutes, sure. She could even cope for seven minutes. But eight? No.

She had to leave.

She couldn't look at it.

A prince cannot look chill, no matter how hard he tries. He belongs in a suit always and any deviation from that is confronting to not only his wife but also to all of us.

"I look relaxed. Laid back... very kewl."

There was indeed a security threat: A threat to the security of fashion.

It was violated by Prince Harry, and no, we still haven't recovered.

So next time Meghan's behaviour seems odd, and she's whisked away, have a close look at Prince Harry.

Because his shirt just might be the culprit.