The eerie projection Meghan Markle unknowingly made about her royal future four years ago.

It’s undeniable that many children grow up dreaming that one day they could be a prince or a princess. And despite Meghan Markle’s cool, collected and chic facade, it turns out she too once dreamed of being a princess… and not so long ago.

In a resurfaced 2014 post from the Duchess of Sussex’s now closed blog The Tig, as revealed by Glamour, Meghan Markle wrote of her lifelong dream of being She-Ra, The Princess of Power as a child.

In the post, she added that women still have fantasies of being a princess. She even referred to the ‘circumstance and pomp’ surrounding Kate Middleton (who is now her sister-in-law) during her wedding in 2011 as proof.

“Little girls dream of being princesses,” she wrote.

“I, for one, was all about She-Ra, Princess of Power.” she added.

While it may seem superfluous out of context, the blog was part of a moving tribute to and interview with Princess Alia Al Senussi, who was exiled from Libya in 1969, as part of her series of Tig Talks.

When Meghan Markle became serious with Prince Harry, her blog was closed down, but it’s just one part of the fascinating life of Meghan Markle prior to her royal entry.

Her Instagram, which featured photos of the now Duchess with Barack Obama and Serena Williams, was equally fascinating, and painted an incredible picture of who Meghan Markle was before her life as a royal.

We don’t want to suggest that Meghan Markle had her palms read in 2014, but we aren’t ruling anything out either.