The one thing Meghan Markle doesn't miss about her life before royalty.

Being a Duchess requires a lot of sacrifice.

Prior to her engagement to Prince Harry in November 2018, Meghan Markle had almost two million followers on Instagram.

The Duchess of Sussex also had a successful lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Upon entering the royal family, the 37-year-old actress left behind privacy, an ability to publicly discuss politics, a successful acting career, and her country.

But there is one thing she says she does not miss: social media.

Speaking to Hello, the Duchess told Jessina Oakes from the One Wave group in Bondi yesterday that quitting social media was “freeing”.

“She said a really beautiful quote. She said ‘flattery and criticism run through the same filter,'” the Bondi resident told Hello.

“She said it was very freeing that she no longer has social media,” Jessina added.

Meghan isn’t the only one who has quit social media for a more peaceful life.

According to a study by the PR agency Edelmen, only 41% of people trust social media, citing fake news and data breaches as their reasons.

Add this to constant FOMO (fear of missing out) and the fact that we compare our normal lives to other people’s highlight reel, and it becomes unsurprising that so many people who quit social media find it so liberating.

However, it’s not that simple for everyone, with social media being a key source of companionship and connection for many people living in isolated areas.

Plus, you need Facebook to get invited to parties and stalk ex-boyfriends. Right?

We suspect Meghan Markle still gets invited to parties… without a Facebook account.

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