An exploitative TV show is planning to reveal "dramatic" events from Meghan Markle's past.

What good is a celebrity – and a royal one at that –  if we can’t dig up the smallest of secrets and the most minor of indiscretions?

It would appear Meghan Markle has lost control of her own narrative, with a new reality TV made in her honour.

And what a honour it is! Having your ‘family’ and ‘friends’ “candidly” reveal “explosive” details in your life without your consent? And here Markle was thinking the greatest honour of all would be entering the royal family or landing a new career-defining role.

Meet the Markles, a show set to debut on The UK’s Channel 4, is expected to interview those in the 35-year-old’s life, “going deeper into her past” and a source telling The Sun (drum roll please!) it could be…”dramatic”.

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I can't imagine why. A reality show based on Meghan Markle with no involvement from Meghan Markle?

Ingenious. Not to mention a kind, thoughtful and generous thing to do.

Okay, I' being sarcastic, obviously.

The show, set to air sometime later this year, proves we're never quite content with a "good girl."

A good girl like Markle, one who is an Global Ambassador for World Vision and who also worked with the United Nations, isn't very interesting. We want the dirty, the gutter, the most secret of secrets.

We're desperate to find out that the good girl, deep down, is actually very bad.

And that's why there's merit in turning away from something as icky as this.

Because Markle's story should be told be Markle and Markle alone.

Meghan Markle is the Princess we need.

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