How Meghan Markle has made her money since marrying Prince Harry.

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When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became part of the British royal family, she had to give up her acting career and therefore her income.

The Duchess of Sussex is now a ‘working royal’, meaning her full-time job is just erm, being royalty and representing the royal family at public engagements.

While Meghan, along with her husband Prince Harry and in-laws Prince William and Kate Middleton are not allowed to hold down jobs, they’re certainly not short on money.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s expenses are covered by a large royal estate called the Duchy of Cornwall which earns money through owning and renting land, plus investments and interest.

Prince Charles is currently in charge of the estate and he gives his sons and their wives an annual ‘allowance’ to fund their royal lives, including office costs, travel and clothes.

For example, in 2016, William, Harry and Kate received over £3 million from the Duchy.

Prince Harry also receives an annual allowance from the estate of his mother Princess Diana, which Meghan will also now benefit from.

So while she’s no longer bringing in cheques, Meghan is still living the good life.

She’ll also still be reaping the benefits of her pre-royal acting career.

Her Suits character Rachel Zane was written out of the series in the final episode of season seven, but episodes she features in are still being syndicated around the world.


During her time on the series Meghan earned $50,000 per episode – and while she won’t be getting that much now, she’ll still be pocketing residual money from re-runs.

Oh, and finally, Meghan sold her home in Toronto before moving to Kensington Palace and since we’re pretty sure she’s not having to pay the Queen rent, the money from that sale is likely still sitting happily in her bank account.

While it must be nice having all your expenses paid for, not all royals are equal.

Lower-ranked royals like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie do not receive any money from the Privy Purse.

The Princesses each have full-time jobs: Beatrice works for US technology firm Afiniti and newly-married Eugenie is an associate director for London art gallery Hauser & Wirth.

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