Meghan Markle's subtle tribute to Princess Diana.

Last week, the world rejoiced with glee when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally confirmed their relationship on the pages of Vanity Fair, telling the world, “it’s really simple. We’re two people who are really happy and in love.”

What the US actress didn’t mention, though, was the subtle tribute she was paying to her boyfriend’s late mother, the iconic Diana, Princess of Wales, throughout the interview by using Mary Greenwell as her makeup artist.

Meghan Markle Princess Diana
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For those not in the know, Greenwell is one of the most highly regarded makeup artists in the industry, having trained the likes of Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge, and worked on the faces of Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham. And for many years throughout the 1990s, Greenwell was also the makeup artist of choice for Princess Diana.


She was the woman who singlehandedly convinced the Princess to say goodbye to her beloved blue eyeliner look of the 80s and suggested that Her Royal Highness adopt a 'natural beauty' type of look that has been carried on by the Duchess of Cambridge and now, Markle.

Working with the 36-year-old on the Vanity Fair shoot signifies a couple of big things for avid royal watchers.

Firstly, by using Greenwell, Markle is offering a lovely but subtle nod to the late Princess on the 20th anniversary of her passing. It also strengthens the belief that Markle is slowly but surely being groomed for a bigger role in the Royal Family itself given that she used Vanity Fair as her publication of choice - a publication that Diana herself appeared in and used Greenwell as her makeup artist for in her own shoots.

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Of the shoot itself, Markle said she was "thrilled" to work with photographer Peter Lindbergh because "he rarely retouches and he believes in such little makeup."

As for Greenwell, she simply said, "Such a lovely day."

Well played, Markle. Well played.

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