The summer wardrobe staple Meghan Markle is sacrificing for the sake of her relationship.

Since the dawn of time, us humans have been doing crazy things for love.

Remember when cavemen – presumably – fought dinosaurs to impress cavewomen? Or how Mike Pence gave up dining alone with women? OK, that one’s a little weird.

Well now in the present day, soon-to-be Princess Meghan Markle is making a sartorial sacrifice for the sake of her relationship with Prince Harry.

Guys, she’s giving up her knees. Yep, Meghan Markle’s knees have officially closed up shop.

Fans of the former Suits actress have noticed an obvious change in her signature style since things with Harry have progressed.

Favouring pants and midi dresses over her usual shorter hemline, it appears the 36-year-old may never again wear shorts and mini skirts.

The evidence is all right here in the gallery below…


Don’t get us wrong – we love a midi skirt just as much as the next woman, but why the sudden change?

Legend has it the Queen has a ‘no knees’ policy, we’re guessing because showing off knobbly knees isn’t becoming of a royal. And everyone knows what Liz says goes.

Or, she could have, you know, just decided it’s too cold to wear shorts anymore… Moving on.

At least Meghan isn’t alone in this. The Duchess of Cambridge has also had to adapt her style to suit the crown. Gone are the days of Kate walking down catwalks in mesh dresses or anything knee-baring, replaced by colour coordinated three-piece ensembles and neutral nails – Essie’s Ballet Slippers shade, to be exact.

So for anyone thinking of filing a missing persons report for Meghan’s knees, don’t bother. We’re sorry to say they’re most likely never coming back. They’ll be missed.

H/T: Cosmopolitan 

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