People are freaking out over Meghan Markle's accent in a new Twitter video.

We might all still be calling her Meghan Markle, but it seems the Duchess of Sussex is well and truly a British royal.

First, she deleted her social media accounts, then she started wearing pantyhose and now, according to some royal watchers, she’s losing her American accent.

The revelation comes courtesy of video shared to Twitter by a woman who met the 36-year-old in the English city of Chester last month.

The newly married Duchess was on her first official engagement with the Queen – opening a road bridge in Widnes – when she approached gathered crowds to chat and shake hands. Among the throng was fan Aya El Zeiny who recorded her encounter with the Los Angeles-born Royal.

The pair only spoke briefly, but even those few sentences have some claiming the Duchess now sounds a fair whack posher than she used to.

Take a listen:

Look, we’re not entirely convinced she sounds all that British. But it seems quite a few Americans are.


The former Suits actor started dating Prince Harry in mid-2106, roughly two years ago, and has been living in Britain since her engagement in November 2017.

What do you think? Are her new surroundings (and her new relos) rubbing off on her?

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