Watch this little boy hugging Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and TRY NOT TO CRY.

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The royals are cunning creatures. Just when you think you’re getting a tad fed up with the royal tour‘s wall-to-wall coverage on TV, you see footage that turns your heart into a gooey mess.

Case in point, this Channel Seven footage of an adorable little boy hugging Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they arrived in Dubbo on Tuesday morning.

I mean, honestly. You have never seen anything sweeter than this. I dare you not to cry. (It’s okay, I literally can’t stop.)

Video by 7 News

His gentle stroking of Harry’s beard.

His tentative steps towards Meghan.

His perfect little hands holding up a perfect little bouquet.

And his launch into two ginormous, happy hugs with both Meghan and Harry; hugs any human being would be lucky to have.

Yep. The loveliness of this moment is written all over Meghan’s grinning face.

The boy is reportedly Luke Vincent from Buninyong Public School, and the five-year-old’s enthusiastic beard pats were inspired by his love of Santa. Ugh.

If the royal tour is going to be bringing more videos like this, guess I’ll stop complaining.