The 7 most bizarre moments from the 60 Minutes 'How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle' report.

Conservative royal commentator Katie Hopkins – or as she labels herself, the “biggest b*tch in Britain” – appeared on 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Unlike her usual shtick, Hopkins provided considered, thoughtful and entirely helpful insight on Meghan Markle.


You see, Hopkins is known for her bizarre comments, like the time she said “ginger babies” are “so much harder to love”. Alas, apparently her opinion is of the utmost relevance.

Interviewed by Karl Stefanovic, the trailer alone for the “How Meghan Markle lost her sparkle” segment went viral around the world.

In the segment, they tried to decipher why exactly the Duchess of Sussex has been receiving unfavourable media attention. In case you missed it, here are the seven most bizarre moments that occurred throughout the segment.

1. “Prince Harry is my Prince Harry.”

When asked by Stefanovic what Meghan ever did to her to receive such hate in return, Hopkins had a simple answer: “Everything”.

“It’s my royal family,” she exclaims with a level of seriousness that would be fit for an actual crime.

“This is my country. Prince Harry is my Prince Harry.” Possessive? No!

When Stefanovic suggests she may actually be jealous of the Duchess of Sussex, Hopkins is adamant:  “I’m not jealous.

“Who wants to be Meghan Markle?”

Many people, Hopkins.

Watch: The promo for Katie Hopkins’ 60 Minutes interview. Post continues after video.

2. “She’s a no one. She’s a divorcee.”

Hopkins believes that being a “divorcee” equates to being a “no one”.

“She’s a no one. She’s a divorcee. When did we want a divorcee in the royal family?” Hopkins asks.


This was definitely a rhetorical question and I don’t mean to nitpick someone who’s entire argument is fundamentally flawed, but isn’t Prince Charles, the Queen’s son, a divorcee? Oh, and his second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was also a divorcee when she entered the royal family.

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story! I hear you.


3. “She wears bad clothes.”

Meghan Markle 60 Minutes
"She wears bad clothes. When did we ask for that?" Image: Channel 9.

Hopkins' argument criticising Meghan Markle for using taxpayer money to fund private planes is made rather redundant when she also resorts to condemning Meghan's fashion.

"She wears bad clothes. When did we ask for that? We've just got so much better of our own."

Look. I don't mean to be rude but WHO ASKED YOU? Oh. That's right. 60 Minutes literally asked you.

4. "I'm not a jilted friend."

Lizzie Cundy is allegedly a friend of Meghan Markle from before the actress became a royal. The proof we have of their apparent friendship is footage of Cundy interviewing Markle on a red carpet. But anyhoo.

"She said she wanted a celebrity boyfriend," Cundy remembers. "I think Meghan changed to a girl who maybe was more manipulating."

"You're just a jilted friend," Stefanovic says in response.

"I'm not a jilted friend," she quickly defends. "I promise!"

Meghan Markle 60 Minutes
"I'm not a jilted friend. I promise!" Image: Channel Nine.

5. "She is constitutionally irrelevant."

Princess Diana's former private secretary Patrick Jephson is, shock, also not Meghan's biggest supporter.

"She is, after all, wife of the sixth in line to the throne. That means that she is constitutionally irrelevant," Jephson states.

Look. I'm certainly no expert on the constitution of Great Britain, but I do believe there are a plethora of people - billions, in fact - who are more "constitutionally irrelevant" than Meghan Markle.

6. "I nearly said something nice about Markle."

Oh. Katie Hopkins gasped in horror when she flirted with the idea of saying something nice about the Duchess of Sussex when talking about the profitability Meghan has brought to the economy.

Like I said, completely considered, thoughtful and entirely helpful insight on Meghan Markle.

7. "Meghan was only ever in cheap movies."

Hopkins ended her vitriolic rant by criticising Meghan Markle's acting because... of course she did.

Meghan Markle appeared in critically acclaimed show Suits but in the humble opinion of Katie Hopkins, she "was only ever in cheap movies". This, of course, has everything to do with her role in the royal family.

It's been a pleasure, Hopkins.

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